Friday, March 27, 2009

Tuesdays Together in the Word

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Yes, I know this is Friday and not Tuesday, but I'm a little behind in getting this post done. =) Don't let it throw you...the weekend still begins tomorrow. Yea!

2 Timothy 2:16 "Avoid goddless chatter, because those who indulge in it will become more and more ungodly."

I am a "people person". I love to talk and I love to listen to others talk. I love the sharing of lives together with others through conversation and laughter.

Just a side note, I'm also a morning person and a night person too. I drag a little around mid-afternoon though. All of my life I have woken up talking. My mom says my brother and sister would ask her at breakfast to please make me shut up. I was probably talking too much to hear them complain. After getting married I found that my husband was not a morning person either and would sit with his eyes glazed over while I rattled on about my plans for the day or something I was thinking about. Poor guy! But alas, God blessed me with one son, my youngest, who woke up happy, with a smile on his face before his eyes even opened, and was ready to greet the day. My oldest...was more like his dad, taking a little longer to get going in the mornings. They're both young adults now, so my precious husband, is blessed with my morning chatter all to himself again. =)

That was a side trip, but it loosely ties into where I'm going with this scripture. Because I do enjoy conversation so much, I have, more times than I'd like to count, regretted something that I said. No, it wasn't necessarily anything mean, unkind, or even gossip, but chatter. I would worry that something I said might be misconstrued of taken wrongly. I would worry that I'd said something that might have hinted of something I shouldn't have shared or might not have been sensative to the person's need.

Part of the definition of "chatter" from the Oxford Dictionary is, "talk quickly, incessantly, trivially, or indiscreetly" with synonyms of "rattle, and jabber". I am guilty. (All Texans don't talk slooowly)

The Word in 2 Timothy also says that this kind of talk can lead us to ungodliness. Over the years, I have learned to slow down and consider my words more carefully, MOST OF THE TIME. The more we chatter, the more easily we might say something that is harmful, with no intent of it being harmful. Chatter is careless.

All conversation is not chatter. Thank God because I love conversation. Psalm 19:14 has been a prayer that I've prayed over my life for many years,
"May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer." I want my words to be pleasing to my LORD and a blessing to those I have conversations with.

Psalm 19:14 references the meditation of my heart being pleasing in God's sight also, but that ventures into another subject...did I tell you I can get off on bunny trails sometimes too. =)

Have a great weekend. Enjoy God's creation. Enjoy your family. Enjoy your time in worship. Relax and have some pleasing conversations.


Real Simple said...

hey this is betsy from Real simple...wanted to let you know i answered your question on my blog..if you are still interested. anyway nice blog!

Tricia said...

This is a great post and a wonderful reminder to slow down when we talk, and make sure that what we say is edifying and encouraging! Thanks for sharing and I am so glad you have joined us on Tuesdays, even if it is Friday!!

Have a great weekend!


Cindy said...

I loved this post. God has been dealing with me about what goes into my mouth and more importantly what comes out. My Scripture memorization for the next few weeks will be all about the mouth.

Have a wonderful weekend.

DeeDee said...

This is good, Trina.
Thanks for sharing it with us. And don't worry about it being Friday - that is the way some weeks go huh? I am so glad that you have joined us. It is encouraging to read what others have been encouraged/challenged by during their reading.
Sweet Blessings to you!

A Stone Gatherer said...

I have been known to "chatter" a bit too! Wonderful scripture!