Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Glory to God

It's been quite some time since I've sat down to write on this blog. It's not that there hasn't been plenty to blog about. There has been too much going on. Most has been of a private nature and I don't feel free to go into details, BUT I do want to share that God has been doing great things. Of course, that's His nature~doing great things. He does great things in the small things and great things in the bigger things, and great things in the huge things. We've been experiencing a little of all of it.

Regardless of the circumstances, it is always amazing to stand back a moment and realize all He's been doing not only in the circumstances, but in the people involved, and in myself. I don't believe that God causes all the bad things in our lives, or that they are His ultimate will, but I do believe God will use whatever we're experiencing, wherever we've failed, whatever has been done to us, whatever is painful for our ultimate good and for His glory. There are choices involved though. We must choose to submit to Him, yield to the working of the Holy Spirit and actively choose to allow Him to work all things out for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purposes. (Romans 8:28) Most of that involves nailing "self" to the cross and choosing to let Him be Lord over us and Lord over ALL. "Self" has a tendency to get in the way of God. One or the other is on the throne and as long as self is on the throne, life will be chaotic. The throne is not a two-seater. It's not a throne built for two. Just One!

During this season God has been teaching me so much about Believing Him and trusting Him no matter what the physical realm circumstances may be screaming around me. He is always at work and there is much activity going on in the spiritual realm that we are not as aware of. Oh, we may get glimpses, but I've never seen with my eyes, even my spiritual eyes, all that is taking place. His Word tells us that faith is the substance of things hoped for, things yet unseen. (Hebrew 11:1) I have been on a journey to have faith in what God has spoken to me and faith in the God who spoke them, regardless of circumstances. This is an area I've grown in over the years, but God and I are going to an all new and deeper level than ever before. The faith journey can be at times wearisome, but the faith journey is exciting!

I've been praying for God to move some mountains. Last week I prayed for Him to shake the ground. The night I prayed this, one of the situations I was praying over came to a new level of conflict. I cried out to God and ask Him what was going on? He spoke to me in my spirit saying that He was indeed shaking the ground, that things hidden where coming to the surface as preparation and as a part of moving the mountains. My tears dried up immediately and I praised my God for shaking the ground and the movement that was taking place to move the mountains.

I hope I haven't rambled and confused anyone, but there really has been so much going on. The details may be personal, but His workings and manifestations are to be proclaimed from the rooftops. Glory to God in the Highest!!!