Wednesday, January 20, 2010

To Everything Turn, Turn, Turn. There is a Season...

Today as I talked with God about my life, purpose, and what I need to be doing in this season of life, He had a talk with me about not being focused. I tend to be scattered in my objectives at times. I am usually reading several books at once, throw in a few other devotionals, and a couple of magazines. I want to make numerous improvements in my life. I want to cook more new healthy recipes, learn more about photography, take a watercolor class, take more pottery classes, learn to play the guitar, sew more, learn a little Spanish for our trip to Guatemala, get all of the photographs, scrapbooks, and recipes in order. I can't ever neglect my time for prayer and journaling. Add these to my most important priorities and objectives: Time with God, my husband, my kids and grandbabies. Oh and cleaning house occasionally and trying to be more consistent in my workouts. (The list is more extensive, but I don't want you to thing I'm a total mess.)

The result of my shot-gun shell spray kind of life is that I dabble in everything and become proficient at very little. So from time to time God has to sit with me and help me narrow my focus for a season. I don't know why I think I have to do it all at once as if I knew for sure I wouldn't live into the next year.

Most women who've been wives and mothers understand that during our childrens growing up years the time available to spend on ourselves is very limited. We want to meet the needs of our family and enjoy them so it's not something we begrudge at all. During those years most of us served on school committees, Team Mom for many sports activities, and served God in some form of ministry or at least something similiar to these. Then you get to these middle years and the kids are grown, married and having families of their own and you now have time for all of these things you've put off. And in my case, it's essentially the first time since I was eighteen that I haven't had a full-time, stress-fill job to go to on top of it all. So, here I am trying to define myself, my purpose, my dreams. Books tell me that this is my time to do these things; that it's a privilege I've earned.

Because I can shoot in so many directions, I have to start every morning by asking God what He has on my agenda for the day, where am I to focus. There will be other seasons to accomplish some of the things on my lists. I don't know if any of you are in this place in life, but after the talk God and I had this afternoon and the direction He gave me, I am expecting tomorrow to be a more productive day even with keeping grandbabies the next two days. (And that makes it not only productive but fun, a little more joy added to the day.)

Thank You God for blessing me with my family then and now. Thank You for allowing me the years to spend with my husband and my boys. These precious memories are irreplaceable. Thank You for this new season with more time for my husband and I to share and make many new memories. The empty nest has been a lot of fun for us. Thank You for grown sons, their wives, and the most precious grandbabies ever and the blessing of watching them make their own lives together and growing in their walks with You. Most of all thank You for loving me. I love You too. (Thank you Beth Moore for sharing the Word on "I love You too.")

Monday, January 4, 2010

Dear blogging world,

I've been away from you for awhile. I haven't checked in much and haven't written much, but I'm back. I plan to start checking in on your wonderful blogs again and will hopefully have something to write myself.

But for today, I just wanted to say I've missed being apart of the blog world and am looking forward to reading what's been on your heart to write about and what God's been doing in your lives.

"See" you again soon.