Saturday, March 21, 2009

His Appointed Time Ministries


Kerry and I have been blessed to know Pat and Charlie Reynolds for many, many years. God led Pat and Charlie to leave the comfort and security of their West Texas life and go to Guatemala to serve Him as independent missionaries. They literally sold most of their possessions, loaded up an SUV and left Snyder, Texas and drove to Guatemala for an unknown future. Much like Abraham. Our youngest son, Adam, spent some time with them the summer after he graduated from High School and they will forever be precious to our entire family.

If you drop by to visit my blog, please click the link to their new blog. You can go to His Appointed Time Ministry Blog or to their photo in my sidebar. When get to their blog, you can also click the photo of them on their right sidebar where you will then be able to go to their ministry website and there you can read more about their fascinating story, how God has led them to minister His love to the people of Guatemala, and how you might be a part of this outstanding work for God.

Just ONE of the things God has led them to do is to open a Christian school for the Guatemalan children up to 4th grade. God led Kerry and I to sponsor one of the children several years ago. Melisa's photo is above. Please take the time to drop by and see their blog. God is doing a mighty work in Guatemala.

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