Monday, June 11, 2012

And Yet Another Change

It's been a long time since I've written anything on this blog.  Actually, the last post I made we were in the process of being transferred with Kerry's job.  We were transferred to the panhandle region of Texas the end of October, 2010 and here we are less than 20  months later and we have been transferred back to where we came from. 

Our season in the panhandle was mixed with trials and blessings.  It would be hard to recap the last 20 plus months in this post but suffice to say, we grew and learned much in those days.  Some lessons were sandpaper while others were oil from Heaven and all were used of God for our growth and blessing and His greater glory. 

I want to thank God for a sweet friend He sent my way during that season.  I know, though we only spent a brief time together in Pampa, this is a friendship bathed in God's love and will last across the miles.  Thank you God and thank you, Leslie. 

We are now back in Midland.  We were moved in last Thursday and spent Friday at the hospital waiting the arrival of our fourth beautiful grandbaby.  Aww, now that's a blessing.   

I'm still trying to unpack and decorate our new home.  I love the new home, but with each move I find I need to be rid of some things in the house to better fit our newest environment.  My sister is having a garage sale and has invited me to join her or maybe I invited myself, either way, I'm loading up the truck and planning to make extra spending money for vacation.  I'm afraid we'll look like the Beverly Hillbillies as we go to her house, but at least things will be lightened around the house.

Life can follow the same needed pattern.  Much like evaluating a new home environment to see what fits and what doesn't, there are times in life to re-evaluate our inner life surroundings as well.  It's probably time to purge my heart of some clutter that's been gathering.  Too bad I can't send it to a garage sale also and make some money off it.  =)  But, I am sure to gain much in the way of peace and joy as I cleanse my heart as well as my home.

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