Thursday, July 16, 2009

Snippet, Our Conscience

Trina's Snippets
Esther, It’s Tough Being a Woman
Beth Moore

“We’ve each been hurt by someone, but no one on earth has hurt us more than those who seem callous to it.
We’re acquainted with trying to deal with the wrongdoing of another while they go on with life, oblivious to our pain.
We fight an urge to corner them in a public place and scream, ‘Don’t you get it?’ If they won’t judge themselves, the fleshly part of us would gladly enlist a group to help us judge them.

The situation becomes even more complicated when you sense that the very person who helped your life to fall apart wonders why you can’t get it together.
There’s nothing quite like someone who hurt you judging you for being hurt.

Now take the scenario I just described a step further.
Imagine how we’d feel about the person appearing more than unconcerned.
What if the person were smug and insidious enough to celebrate our harm?
One of the hardest facts of life to accept is that some people are not sorry for the anguish they’ve caused.
The most twisted among them might even be glad.

…Let’s learn to be thankful every time we feel sorry for even our smallest offense toward someone.
God designed conviction to be uncomfortable so that we’d hurry to repentance and find relief and restoration. Feeling is a good thing, Beloved.
Nothing is more frightening than a seared conscience.”

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