Monday, January 4, 2010

Dear blogging world,

I've been away from you for awhile. I haven't checked in much and haven't written much, but I'm back. I plan to start checking in on your wonderful blogs again and will hopefully have something to write myself.

But for today, I just wanted to say I've missed being apart of the blog world and am looking forward to reading what's been on your heart to write about and what God's been doing in your lives.

"See" you again soon.



Walking on High Hills said...

Trina!! It's good to hear from you- I've been the same- taking off,on and off.

It was a tough end of the year, but God is and has been faithful.

Blessings to you and keep writing!

I'll check back with you soon!


Beverly Dillow said...

Hi Trina! Thank you for the post with the homemaking site. I will go to it and read it. Sounds like a good one. :) Thanks again!

Jackie said...

Hey Trina!

I'm trying to catch up with my bloggy friends and wanted to drop by and wish you a blessed 2010!

Look forward to reading what God has been speaking to your heart!

Sweet Blessings!